Nature Center Construction History

Step 3 - Bath House 4 is Moved!

The Journey
On a very, very windy April 7, 2005, the contractors prepared the bath house and moved it to the edge of the parking lot. About 30 people braved the 40+ mph south winds to watch.
The work began early to put the truck under the bath house. Then, due to high tide and waves washing up to the bath house (note in the photo below), the bath house was moved to the edge of the parking lot in position for the long journey.
At 5:00 p.m. we gathered to witness the journey. It took a route of just under one mile over a bit more than 3 hours. It went east across the north parking lot, out into the main road, then west into the Oasis parking lot, across to the waterside path at the south end of the Oasis, along that path (that was something to see!), into the main parking lot, and east again across the main parking entrance road into the Nature Center parking lot.

The next day the contractors moved the bath house (hereafter to be called the Nature Center) so that it was positioned next to the new pilings.

Onto the Pilings
On April 16 and 17 the contractors prepared the Nature Center to be moved up and over onto the pilings.

Then the building was slowly slid across the I-beams into position over the pilings.

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