Nature Center Construction History

Step 1 - Preparation
The old siteIf you have visited Honeymoon Island, you may have noted the Nature Center sign is located on bath house 3. Originally, bath house 3 was designated to be the Nature Center. When the State reviewed our renovation plans they determined that both bath house 3 and 4 were at risk of significant damage over time due to coastal erosion and must be moved. After surveys, research, and discussion, it was decided that bath house 4 would become the Nature Center and be moved to the east side of the island. Bath house 3 is also planned to be moved further into the parking areas and possibly split into two smaller facilities for more convenient access.

Before the Nature Center

Bath house 4 is currently located at the north end of the Honeymoon Island parking lots. It was used as one of the "Puerto Rican" vacation cottages in the movie "The Punisher." The movie was filmed in summer 2003 and released in spring 2004. All park buildings were painted gray prior to the movie filming. However, there was such a positive response from visitors who saw the movie set, that the State granted the park permission to use the tropical colors throughout the park.

The old site
The old interiorThe old interiorThe old interior

Tearing Down the Walls

Renovation sign

Park staff started 
renovation work by tearing 
out the interior walls and 
facilities of bath house 4.

The walls are downThe walls are down

The New Site

The new site

Bath house 4 will be moved to the location pictured above, following the completion of permitting requirements and planning, to the back side of the island. The Nature Center will have an excellent view of St. Joseph Sound.

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