Native Plant Garden at the Rotary Centennial Nature Center
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Native Plant Garden
Native Plant Garden at the Rotary   
Centennial Nature Center   
About the Garden:
Professionally designed native plant garden maintained by Florida Master Gardeners, featuring locally sourced native plants typical to Honeymoon Island State Park. The garden was design and installed in 2014 and continues to educate park visitors in regards to native plant identification, use of natives in landscapes, conservative watering and xeriscaping, soil amendment, mulching and more. Many plants here benefit insects as larval hosts and pollen and nectar sources. Native animals also benefit from the seeds, flowers and plants as food sources and cover, including the gopher tortoises which reside nearby the garden area.
Hairy Beach SunflowerNative Plant Profiles:
List of most commonly found plants in the garden. - Includes common names, scientfic names, photos and fact sheets.

Click to View: Native Plant Profiles
Downloads: PDF - MS Excel Document - MS Word Document
Slash Pine Male FlowersResearch Resources:
Learn how Honeymoon Island manages its natural resources, and discover a variety of plants that make the island their home.

Natural Resources Management - Includes careful use of prescribed fire, exotic plant & animal control, monofilament recycling, sea grass protection, sea turtle release, and more.
Plants, Shrubs, Trees, WIldflowers - Learn to identify many of the trees, shrubs, plants and wildflowers found on barrier islands.