Nature Center Displays Nature Center Displays & Art Exhibits

What's Inside the Nature Center

Learn about the island, its animals and plants, and the different natural communities where they live all come to life here. The island's interesting past cultural history is represented as well. Enjoy the shell displays, geology exhibit and touch tables. Watch short videos, listen to the sounds, and discover hidden treasures.

Children and families can enjoy the free indoor scavenger hunt, puppets and toys, treasure chest. Use the interactive station to learn about weather, common birds and wildflowers, tides, nesting birds, sea turtle nests and more.

Step outside and enjoy the expansive view of St. Joseph Sound, and the mangroves and seagrass beds below. Take a casual walk along the new nature center trail and discover native Florida plants and animals.

Back inside the nature center, numerous birds are depicted in flight overhead, and friendly nature center staff is here to answer questions about the discoveries of your day on the island. Get a trail map, and find out about our different beach areas and miles of walking and hiking trails.

Watch for our all new through-the-park bike trail coming soon.

Find out about upcoming classes, nature walks and special events. Stop back again for fresh observations and another brand new day on this dynamic barrier island.

Learn to love barrier islands:

Become aware of the dynamics of barrier islands:
At Honeymoon Island, every day is different! The Island is always changing shape and size, and things come and go along the way.

Recognize the ecology of St. Joseph Sound:
Learn about animals and plants, on land and in the water. Find out about different nature areas such as sand dunes, sea grass beds, tidal pools, sunny coastal areas and shaded woody areas.

Understand the concepts of environmental ethics: Find out everything that makes this place so great, and learn to keep it that way and better!

Differentiate between seasonal subtleties:
Cooler days in winter make for great hiking weather, sunny summers are for the beach and swimming in the gulf, or finding shade in the woods and quietly watching wildlife. Windy days are for sailing and kite flying. Rain makes the wildflowers bloom, and big storms bring the surfers. Low tides and high tides bring shore birds and shells!

Identify human impacts on the island:
We can drive to the island, park our cars and picnic. We can get a snack, rent a kayak, take a ferry ride, fish off the sea wall, and exercise on the trails. It's fun to enjoy the beach, and our pets even have their very own beach!

Become inspired to learn more about the region:
What other islands are in the area? How old is this island? Who lived here, and what has happened in the past? What kind of fish can I catch? Can I see dolphin and Manatees? How about sea turtles?

Art Exhibits Inside the
Rotary Centennial Nature Center

Artist - Lorraine Ulen - Osprey
Rotary Centennial Nature Center
Honeymoon Island State Park
1 Causeway Blvd., Dunedin, FL 34698

Center Open Daily 9 am to 5 pm
Park Open Daily from 8:00 a.m. to Sunset

About Our Exhibits:
  • NEW EXHIBITS every 4 months, with 3 shows per year.
  • Stop by and see our ever changing art and photography.
  • We would like to thank PAVA for volunteer exhibit support services. Many of our local artists are members and associates of PAVA.
Proceeds benefit the Friends of the Island Parks, directly supporting Honeymoon Island and Caladesi Island State Parks.

Professional Association of Visual Artists
PO Box 2665 Dunedin, FL 34697-2665

About The Professional Association
of Visual Artists (PAVA)

PAVA is a state-wide organization of working artists with over 160 members, a large number of the artists are located in the Tampa Bay Area. PAVA is a not for profit, 503C organization. Its mission is to provide member artists with collaborative interaction and opportunities to exhibit their work in a variety of public and private forums. PAVA works with the communities to foster art education, to support the art programs of the communities and to foster growth for emerging artists.

PAVA artists work in a variety of 2-D and 3-D media including but not limited to: Oils, Acrylics, Watercolors, Colored Pencil, Charcoal, Photography, Mixed media, Paper, Clay, Jewelry & Metal.

Work exhibited in PAVA shows must be original works of fine art quality and professional presentation. No giclees or reproductions are permitted. Buy / sell items and commercially produced items are strictly prohibited. The PAVA exhibit committee curates all PAVA shows to insure aesthetic presentation of a consistent body of work.

PAVA hosts two indoor juried events yearly. The Cool Show is held each year in July. The 2Cool Show is in February. Additional information about the Cool and 2Cool shows is available at
In 2016, PAVA partnered with Dunedin Fine Arts Center to fund a series of art scholarships. PAVA also entered into a joint project with Westfield Countryside Mall, to create an art exhibit area near the theaters and Sears. The PAVA exhibit coordinator designed the display facility, coordinated its construction and selects and installs the art work for each exhibit.